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PHN Architects is now part of Williams Architects | Aquatics. We are happy to announce that PHN became part of Williams Architects | Aquatics on November 1, 2014. As a team, we’ve expanded our resources and widened our range of expertise and capabilities. We share a common goal to deliver the highest quality architectural design services and are confident that together we will leverage our collective strengths and bring greater value to the clients we serve.


PHN Architects was founded in 1994 by Neil E. Pollock. Attentive and dedicated customer service has been a hallmark of the firm’s success in developing long term relationships with many clients. PHN’s portfolio has a focus on facilities that enrich the lives of people including community recreation centers, libraries, clubhouse facilities, aquatic centers, and public service facilities.


Our practice is dedicated to providing comprehensive architectural, planning and interior design services to create environments that enhance living, working, learning, social, and recreational experiences. We view our role as one that facilitates a comprehensive process to engage all stakeholders. We become partners with our Clients in pursuit of a common goal. Our process is highly collaborative and produces results that reflect the values and needs of each Client, their organization and community.

We embrace our ethical obligation to implement responsible and sustainable design practices to preserve natural resources and reduce the cost of operation. Every project is approached with the goal of achieving the most environmentally responsible design within the limits of the project budget.

We are committed to developing creative and well planned projects with an emphasis on quality, cost control and schedule adherence. Our success is the result of our commitment to delivering highly personalized service in step with our mission and values.

Our Mission

Deliver the best in experience, design and value.
Provide the best working environment possible.
Establish and maintain long lasting relationships with clients and staff.
Promote continued growth and development.
Achieve financial success for our clients, firm and staff.

Our Values

To listen, understand, trust and innovate.
Leadership, teamwork and empowerment.
Seek and reward initiative and achievement.
Pursue balance, opportunity and integrity.
Approach our work with passion and have FUN doing it.
Fulfill our environmental and social obligations.


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